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Rowan Elementary Fundraiser

Rowan Elementary Fundraiser

This listing is for Rowan Elementary PTA Fundraiser only. Please have student name ready.

Please see additional pictures for product information.

Products available:

1. 6-pack Cookie Assortment: cookies and cream, brown sugar pop-tart, chocolate chip, m&m, strawberry crunch, cosmic bliss

Prior to baking, each cookie weighs 4.5 oz.

Each cookie is individually bagged and then boxed as an assortment.

2. 4-Pack Sprinkle Cocoa Ball: milk chocolate cocoa balls with seasonal sprinkles

3. 4-Pack Winter Favorites: milk chocolate, white chocolate peppermint, cookies and cream, snickerdoodle

4. 5-Pack Coffee Creamer: (2) vanilla, vanilla caramel, vanilla cinnamon, chocolate


Pick up will be at Rowan Elementary on Friday, February 9th. Please view information from your PTA for instructions regarding time.


Allergy information:

Six pack cookie assortment: contains wheat, dairy, soy.

Sprinkle and Creamer balls: contain dairy and soy.

Winter Favorites: contain dairy, wheat (cookies and cream), and soy.

All products may contain nut (cross contamination/shared equipment).

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